Cutting Edge Technology

Technology changes lately are so rapid that systems and solutions are becoming outdated and obsolete at an unprecedented pace. To keep pace with these changes we use updated technology and continually update our skill sets to remain on the cutting edge of the industry making our systems and solution future proof.

In Process We Trust

Aurus Inc. is a process driven organization with extensive experience working with OWASP, PMI, IIBA, ITIL and PCI standards. Our requirements management, agile development methodologies, change management and audit processes ensure that progress is being continuously reviewed against established project scopes and timelines. All our services and solutions have been tried, tested and improved over the years.

Agile and Domain Centric Delivery

Services that are provided without considering current and future trends and industry specific needs always fail to meet expectations. We monitor, track and are quick to pick up and implement industry trends, thus providing competitive advantage. This knowledge makes us well equipped to address the needs belonging to various industries and develop customized solutions for their specific requirements.

Process Adaptability

The knowledge of potential roadblocks enables us to mitigate problems and adapt solutions to avoid them. We handle the complete process of our solutions and services from cradle to grave and therefore, understand problems that may arise at any stage. Our teams also adapt our processes to align with customers existing software development processes.

Return on Investment (ROI) Ensured

Aurus Inc. realizes the need to ensure that new customer business initiatives don't result an increase in operational costs in addition to the development and infrastructure investments. Our strategic consulting, implementation services, infrastructure services and SLA based operations ensure that we aid our customer partners in business transformation initiatives while ensuring cost efficiency and a higher ROI on their investments.

Application Services

Engineering Towards Consistent Quality

Application Services

"In today's market the need for enhanced efficiency, business flexibility and cost optimization is more pronounced for companies to get a competitive edge. We come with years of experience, always evolving to be a step ahead, and have the skills and the ability to engineer high quality consistent systems offering a full service and fully tailored solution for you"

Maximize ROI with Aurus agility and RAD

Organizations today can significantly reduce timelines associated with software development by applying agile and RAD methodologies. At Aurus, we take pride that our teams are present at different locations to provide better onsite services. These skilled teams are highly coordinated and accustomed to the application of simultaneous processes, thereby effectively bringing agility to delivery models.

Our teams' orchestrated efforts combined with the right tool sets, also allow collaborations using RAD models. These models enable the reduction of cost and schedule over runs, thereby maximizing ROI.

Building scalable platforms

Companies are faced with the challenge of using IT to support greater business agility and developing innovative solutions while reducing total cost of ownership. We leverage our architecture and design skills along with our industry insights and domain knowledge to develop cohesive platforms that are future proof, which helps address these challenges. The platform integrates in a way that connects businesses with their suppliers, partners and customers.

Governance of COE's

COE's help organizations reap the benefits of accessing and utilizing a resource pool that contains varied skill sets. We have established centers of excellence across all our practices, which act as a central repository of information. The structure acts as a reference point, since all processes are defined, and it comprises of teams with required domain and technical knowledge. This avoids the effort and time involved in project ramp ups and reinventing procedures. The framework that we have put in place ensures effective risk management and is constantly updated, setting up new checkpoints, which allow best practices to be followed and all processes to be relevant at all times.

Application Development

"We use a universal delivery model for application development, focusing on reusability and the usage of in house built in frameworks or COTS frameworks so as to optimize processes and reduce software creation time and costs."

Our Application development services help address evolving business and technology challenges by defining, designing and building applications tailored to meet demanding business requirements. We deliver high-quality, flexible applications that are easy to maintain, modular to upgrade while being reliable, secure and easy to deploy with the help of our delivery model. We are equipped to undertake new application development, application upgrades and enhancements, consolidations and migrations.

Application Maintenance

"At Aurus, we instill a preventative maintenance format as an effective measure to mitigate the consequences of performance inconsistencies which results in cost control and maximizing ROI."

Through our maintenance service we offer reduction in overall ownership costs, continuous process improvements, application stability improvements and reduction in support costs, thereby enabling us to invest in clients' business strategy and IT initiatives.

Aurus' application maintenance covers services across areas like, offshore-capability, maintenance and enhancement, and is delivered using the Global Delivery Model.

Application Support: We enable production support by providing a detailed analysis of incidents, incident resolutions and problem management activities such as trend analysis, root cause analysis, common & known error establishments, patch management and break fixes excluding code changes.

Enterprise Software Support: We provide enterprise software support, which includes product administration activities such as monitoring, user administration, application deployment, configuration management for application infrastructure: Web servers & application servers, messaging infrastructure, content management and DW& BI tools. We also setup application environments, staging environments and test environments.

Application Management

"We ensure smooth running of applications by conducting intrusion detection and prevention (IDS/IPS) which helps anticipate irregularities. We also provide the option of auto scaling through our elastic cloud, providing the support companies need when they expand."

Our application management services include support services for applications, middleware platforms and technologies.

Application Operations: We monitor applications for performance, availability and capacity and also conduct batch monitoring and management. Our application service desk includes incident management activities such as incident recording, initial investigation of issues, tracking, escalation management and closure, user administration and service reporting.

Application Integration

"At Aurus, we build application systems with appropriate compatibilities that can easily be integrated with underlying applications. These systems are built to accommodate future needs and demands, thereby enabling long term solutions."

Our strong services portfolio includes consulting, implementation, upgrade and support services to clients across all industry verticals and from all geographies. In addition to this, we have developed specialized service offerings on business process management, in order to provide maximum value from process integration.

Release and Change Control: We have provisions for release and change support which comprises of setting up various test environments, monitoring release & change activities such as release coordination, emergency releases, build and code deployment, managing release calendar and configuring management & SCM tool administration.

Co-product Development

Innovation Engine

Co-product Development

"Every business needs to innovate to stay ahead of the competition, but bringing ideas to the market is risky. Our clients look at us as trusted partners who help them convert their ideas into innovative marketable products. Our experience and competent skill set, coupled with the solution frameworks we have put in place enables Accelerated Go-to-Market of products, thus saving time and money."

Investing in Your Ideas

New ideas often translate to new designs and ultimately new products. The journey from concept to market is typically a long road riddled with hidden obstacles and unforeseen turns. We invest in our clients' ideas and help convert those ideas into a reality. We develop prototypes after understanding clients' ideas and requirements thereby saving them time and money involved in testing and developing new ideas into products.

Strategic Partnership

A collaboration between two businesses is very similar to a mutually beneficial relationship. We invest in our clients' growth by aligning long term strategies with them and providing team allocations for them. This ensures that the same set of Aurus resources continue to be part of the development, deployment and maintenance life cycle. The knowledge rests with the same group of people and a steep learning curve is avoided to accommodate new people.

Product life Cycle Management

It is important to have consistency in terms of understanding a company's objectives, problems, processes and systems, to ensure smooth product functioning. Dealing with different service provider's during the various stages of a product's life cycle disrupts this consistency. We ensure that this does not happen by being an integral part of the process at every stage in the product's life cycle right from conception to roll out and product support.

Product Strategy

"With our domain expertise and understanding of market trends, we help companies perfect 'pivoting with purpose' in order to achieve business goals in an effective and timely manner."

We consult with companies to understand their requirements and provide suggestions that can fulfil them, by taking into account the companies' processes and objectives. Our suggestions are centered on the utilization of cutting edge technology and compliance with industry specific standards.

Product Development

"We take a complete product perspective into consideration and develop solutions that not only meet specific business requirements, but can also be altered easily to accommodate future needs. These solutions, therefore, act as frameworks that can be adapted to fulfil other requirements."

We partake in the full life cycle of product development. We align ourselves with the companies' processes and objectives and develop products that are backed by cutting edge technology. We provide support and maintenance for these products so as to avoid any hiccups in the process flow.

Product Sustenance and Maintenance

"We believe in and practice preventive maintenance techniques so that problems, if any, are preemptively resolved, thereby ensuring the smooth functioning of processes. Our knowledgeable skill sets understand the myriad of systems, softwares and product versions, which is vital when carrying out sustenance procedures. This avoids complexities of dealing with multiple parties during this process."

Aurus can step in and run an existing product after thoroughly understanding the needs of the company. We learn the ins and outs of its functioning and provide maintenance for it to run smoothly.

Product Support

"We attempt to push the envelope, constantly improving ourselves and our service level agreements (SLA). We also recommend feature set improvements based on ticket analysis aiming to reduce the number of support issues, thereby increasing efficiency."

We provide dedicated teams that can be used as a support system for a newly developed or existing product. This support can be used from the beginning of product development or at whatever point in the process that help is needed.

Big Data Management

Insightful Analytics

Big Data Management

"Digitization has caused an explosive growth of large volumes of unstructured data making it impossible for it all to be processed for the betterment of businesses. We not only help with organizing and processing your data but also provide actionable analytics backed by data insights, after studying various vast and credible sources, that can help improve business. We link business and marketing needs and provide an appropriate view of data that produces optimal results."

Mining Big Data

Businesses are getting inundated with extensive data. It is vital to extract information from a data set and transform it for further use. We help merchants with their customer relationship management by taking advantage of the huge amount of information gathered by their systems and looking for patterns in their consumer behaviour. We sort through data to identify patterns and establish relationships by using parameters like association, sequence/path analysis, classification, clustering and forecasting.

Masking Big Data

There exists a lot of customer sensitive data which is surrounded by compliance and regulatory requirements. This makes it essential to have an effective system in place to mask such sensitive data. Our obsession with security is apparent in all our services and solutions. Through data masking we significantly reduce the chances of sensitive data falling into the wrong hands. Apart from protecting sensitive data, this solution also improves the quality and integrity of data, which is beneficial for testing and development purposes.

Tuning Big Data

With the amount of data multiplying exponentially, it is imperative to tune this data, for optimized performance. We conduct performance tuning of large volumes of data regularly in order to test the application and assure that it provides the desired outputs at all times.

Big Data Analytics

"Providing analytical reports is an ongoing process done to understand the performance of companies. We provide appropriate reports consistently, which reflect a businesses performance, through constant upgrades and revisions. These reports are adjusted keeping in mind changes in data and to enable overall progress."

As business gets more and more competitive, management faces a lot of challenges in handling the enormous data hidden in operational systems. Aurus' business intelligence service addresses these issues by providing comprehensive and qualitative information.

Our business intelligence service consolidates the knowledge spread across the enterprise and provides operational, tactical and strategic reports. Our BI and Analytical services also provide statistical modelling and simulation. Superior implementation methodologies and processes back our competencies.

Big Data Warehousing

"Companies have a lot of data, but all of it cannot be stored and processed to achieve optimal results. We make assessments to identify optimized data granularity thus ensuring that just the right amount of information is stored that results in maximized benefits to organizations."

The ability to manage the volume of big data generated and an ability to track it for business functions is the basis of data warehouse and it empowers users by providing them up-to-date information at the real-time. Aurus' Data Warehousing services store information, which is critical for any company to run its operations effectively. Real-time data warehouse produces a bigger impact on the quality of everyday business transactions and also creates differences in serving customers in the entire value chain.

Big Data Management

"We have the proficiency to manage structured and unstructured data across various mediums, thereby reducing the complications involved in dealing with multiple parties that specialize in managing only specific data."

Aurus can step in and run an existing product after thoroughly understanding the needs of the company. We learn the ins and outs of its functioning and provide maintenance for it to run smoothly.

Quality Assurance

Thoroughness Delivered

QA Services

"Conformity to predetermined standards ensures smooth operations, with no unforeseen risks. As technology partners, we are vested in your organization's progress. When we conduct QA services, we take accountability for the quality of your system and share the responsibility of ensuring that your platform always functions optimally."

Hybrid QA Environments

At Aurus we design and develop a QA framework which is the optimal mix of manual and automated testing. We deliver effective automation to reduce testing time and run multiple regression tests in short time frame. Improvements in test coverage and reduction in test cycle times are realized through such hybrid QA environments .

Hired Ethical Hackers

The need for more effective information security practices is increasingly evident with an increase in security breaches. When adopting new technologies, enterprises are facing imminent security threats and must adjust their security processes, policies, and architectures accordingly. Our ethical hackers seek vulnerabilities that could be exploited in a system and report those problems, in order to fix them.

Predictive Analysis

Predictive analytics is able to discover hidden patterns in data that can sometimes be overlooked. It helps discover patterns in the past, which can signal of what lies ahead. As part of our quality assurance process we undertake predictive analysis so as to avoid hurdles that might occur in the future and ensure steady systems.

QA Strategy

"We help come up with strategies that encompass tools, processes and frameworks, in a way that optimizes quality. We also identify the right balance between automated and manual testing, thereby making QA processes efficient and cost effective."

Integration Testing - Our integration testing services include IT environments in which software components, hardware components, or both, are combined and tested until the entire system has been integrated.

Functional Testing - Our functional testing involves testing the features and operational behavior of a product to ensure that they correspond to its specifications. Our teams are adept at black box testing and usability testing etc.

System Testing - Our system testing involves testing an integrated hardware and software system to verify that the system meets its specified requirements.

Regression Testing - Our regression testing involves selective retesting to detect faults introduced during modification of a system or system component. This is done to verify that the modifications have not caused any unintended adverse effects, or that a modified system or system component still meets its specified requirements.

Automation Testing

"While conducting automated testing we envision all the possible scenarios that need to be covered and test applications to consistently provide accurate and stable results."

Aurus offers the set up of an automated testing procedure to perform regression testing, functional testing and performance testing and build tests. Each future test cycle will take less time and require less human intervention.

We provide test automation services designed to assist you through the entire process of automating your test methodology and for implementation and execution of test suites. We are adept at creating test plans for automation and gathering the requisite information to ensure functional test coverage.

Manual Testing

"We understand that manual testing is time consuming and expensive and are therefore efficient in knowing exactly what needs to be tested manually. We also define a variety of 'edge cases' and test the applications in those scenarios to ensure optimal functionality."

Manual software testing involves manually interacting with applications, stipulating keys and observing outcomes.

Aurus' manual testing services include Unit Testing, Ad-hoc Testing, GUI Testing, Positive and Negative Testing, Data Integrity Testing, Link Testing, among other standard software testing methods.

Performance Testing

"Our performance testing services extend to help you create the right infrastructure that results in optimized performance. This acts as a preemptive measure ensuring that there are no disruptive problems when systems are running."

Performance problems in operational IT systems and software applications are costly both in terms of business disruption and remedial work. These issues tend to go undetected prior to its launch because of the difficulty of conducting realistic performance testing.

Our performance testing service elements include load and stress testing, scalability and volume testing, endurance and soak testing, performance testing tool evaluation as well as performance monitoring and tuning.

Vulnerability and Security Testing

"We provide this specialized high end testing as part of our services portfolio. Our vulnerability and security testing consist of comprehensive processes that are designed keeping the big picture of providing complete security throughout a systems lifecycle in mind."

Information related to the system, application and network such as IP addresses and hostnames required for testing, operational manuals and documents, IT process documents is gathered. Also information related to IT computing structure, Network architecture, IT asset lists, process flow diagrams and identification of system and process personnel responsible for operations and management is done.

Vulnerability Testing - Our services include assessment of tools, technology and process. The identified vulnerabilities and evidences are documented and the impact of identified vulnerabilities on the computing environment and overall business is listed. Specific and feasible recommendations to eliminate identified vulnerabilities are done.

Security Testing - Our services include planning and programming, managing the corrective action on eliminating the vulnerabilities, implementing the strategies and recommendations to eliminate vulnerabilities identified and conducting periodic vulnerability assessments and assisting in continued improvement plans.

Cloud Services

Cloud Enablers

Cloud Services

"Organizations are recognizing the potential of Cloud to meet their business needs; however, the transition to cloud is a complicated process. We assist companies in this transition, making it trouble-free by being a comprehensive bridge and helping them avoid the multiple parties and nuances involved in switching to Cloud. We enable conversions to enterprise clouds as well as community clouds."

24/7 Network Operating Center Services

The availability of expert and timely assistance is critical to ensure consistent performance. We offer a 24 X 7 helpdesk that provides customer support as well as technical support services to merchants in order to consistently and efficiently resolve service management issues.

Open Source Technology Enabler

Open source technologies provide the biggest bang for the buck and reduce the cost of operations in addition to the appropriate usage of cloud computing . In order to provide the best possible solution in the most cost effective manner we implement open source technologies in our systems and solutions.

Industry Specific Certification and Compliances

All our services and solutions follow strict guidelines and standards set by us and the industry. We follow and comply with all pertinent industry specific certifications like HIPPA, PCI, SOX, SAS 70-type 2. Our domain expertise and meticulous adherence to process enables enterprises to comply with industry specific certifications.

Cloud Transition

"We have worked with and understand very well, both traditional and cloud hosting, thereby becoming the perfect bridge in an organization's shift to cloud." Aurus cloud transition services help to plan transitions by providing an assessment of physical to virtual transition, and virtual to physical transitions as required. We also provide patch management and impact analysis services and leverage on best practices to handle vulnerabilities and ensure best in class security.

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