'Channelize. Mobilize. Socialize.'


Connecting the dots between campaigns, consumer purchases, consumer payments and obtaining a distilled view can be transformative. Aurus, as a technology partner can aid in your initiatives to create the Store of The Future and enhance consumer shopping experience.

Checkouts for the Store of the Future

AurusPay's SDK kits have a vast array of features for setting up a custom checkout flow including a host of options for consumer sign ups, digital message display, paperless receipts, donation, consumer surveys etc. We also support alternate payments, EMV and NFC technologies etc to help you design and implement your checkout experience.

Reward Programs That Work

AurusPay's integrated retail social media services provide a convenient platform for retailers to build brand and customer loyalty. AurusPay enables retailers to offer sales and specials to customers, up-sell and cross-sell to customer base directly and acquire new customers on social media sites.

Integration Across the Chain

AurusPay provides retailers a fast, secure and reliable payment processing solution. Whether a custom built POS is utilized or conventional POS systems are used, AurusPay can be easily deployed on existing POS systems. AurusPay also supports leading payment processors and hence retailers can continue to utilize or chose their payment processing relationship.

Usher in Mobility

AurusPay's mobile solution can help retailers take their services to a whole new level. These mobile solutions are built to work with ethernet, dial up, wifi and cellular GPRS. These solutions include state of the art mobile device management to ensure the highest level of security for mobile POS devices. Our mobile payment solution is also backed by online merchant account approvals and instant on-boarding.

Simplifying Operations

AurusPay's portal empowers corporations to provide flexibility to their merchants or franchises to control loyalty and reward management set ups etc. It also provides dashboard reports to view sales and alerts by brand, locations and obtain insights from transactional data presented in an actionable format.

Secure POS Using AurusShield

AurusPay's patented AurusShield technology enables retailers to isolate their store POS from PCI equation and become compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI- DSS). AurusPay guards against fraud and helps protect the brand reputation of retailers and increases consumer confidence.

Launch Mobile Apps

AurusPay's Mobile SDK can be utilized by retailers to design and develop consumer apps as per the requirements of their target market. The mobile app payment framework enables them to focus on the consumer experience while AurusPay encapsulates the complexities of the mobile wallet and mobile commerce.

Deploy mPOS Systems

AurusPay's mPOS SDK can be utilized by retailers to develop self check out, in-aisle checkout, line busting tablet solutions suited to their business needs. It enables them to develop a Tablet POS solution which requires minimal staff training and improves consumer experience.

Ease of On-boarding and Support

Retail chains benefit from the on-boarding tools in our product suite, which are backed by our legendary support. AurusPay's 24*7*365 technical support helpdesk is adept at providing support at all stages of implementation and system operations.


Recipe for Growth


Seamlessly integrating with restaurant POS and streamlining payment operations while redesigning checkouts.

Restaurant Checkouts Re-Designed

AurusPay's restaurant payment processing solutions can be easily tailored for use in any sort of food service establishment, from fine dining and table service restaurants to quick service (QSR), pizza delivery and take-out establishments. AurusPay is a proven solution for restaurant chains to help streamline payment related operations. AurusPay is fully integrated with many leading restaurant POS systems. For a complete listing contact us.

Dining Promotions

AurusPay enables the seamless integration of restaurant POS and social media through sites such as Facebook and Twitter. AurusPay allows merchants to network with current customers, up-sell/cross-sell to customer bases directly and acquire new customers. AurusPay provides interactive loyalty programs which will augment the purchase process.

Integrating Mobile and Online Ordering

AurusPay supports mobile and online ordering and can easily support custom developed solutions that can integrate with popular restaurant POS solutions. AurusPay supports all forms of payments including debit cards, credit cards, gift cards and mobile wallets.

Secure Payment Processing

AurusPay offers AurusShield, a patent-pending and PCI certified solution that gives restaurants the tools to meet and exceed the PCI DSS standards. It provides a less expensive strategy to get PCI certification without having to go through a long change control process. Restaurant owners can also use payment processors of their choice while being protected by AurusPay's secure "POS out-of PCI scope" solution.

Actionable Analytics

AurusPay provides actionable analytics to restaurant operators. It provides in an easy to use format, transactional data related to cashier ids, tip amounts etc. It helps in reconciliations by providing an ability to search transaction activity reports in various ways.

AurusPay @ Order Ahead

AurusPay enables merchants to manage their restaurants dine in and online ordering menu through a single interface for both POS and online ordering needs. AurusPay synchronizes all menu items, order entry and processing across multiple POS systems, providing access to a large network of POS systems that it supports.
Online transactions are processed through existing payment platforms in a PCI compliant, secure and seamless manner. Customers are provided with the convenience of placing orders no matter where they are, from their computers, smart phones or tablets. AurusPay supports multiple forms of payments including debit, credit, gift cards and mobile wallets.

AurusPay @ Your Table

AurusPay provides a perfect solution for casual and fine dining restaurants to enhance the order placement, bill payment process for their patrons. It provides for an easy transition to mobile or tablet POS, functioning on a standalone basis or integrated into existing POS systems.

AurusPay enables wait staff with an easy and fast way to take the order from the diners without going over to a stationary terminal. With the tablet in hand, the service staff can capture the order and send it directly to the kitchen. This gives the staff instant access to what is new or sold out on the menu. Special requests can also be added.

AurusPay enables mobile POS systems with its electronic bill presenter which allows customers to split their bills, calculate their tips and swipe their cards. As a result, the wait staff saves valuable time processing checkout, tips increase and any chances of unauthorized card usage are greatly reduced. The consumers appreciate the convenience and tables at the restaurant turn faster.

AurusPay @ Self-Checkouts

AurusPay provides a convenient solution for a quick service restaurant or takeout counter to speed up the ordering process. It helps in reducing long checkout lines, staffing requirements and labor costs.

AurusPay works in tandem with POS systems to engage consumers with attractive pictures of menu options that can be changed and updated quickly. An intuitive customer interface supported by our framework makes the unassisted order experience convenient.

AurusPay enables the POS systems to support multiple tender options and helps in increasing speed of service, order accuracy and boosts profits. The consumers appreciate the convenience and lines at the checkout move faster.

Hair Salon and Spa

Style Your Transactions

Hair Salon and Spa

Powering Salon POS systems while optimizing CRM and Marketing efforts to enhance consumer engagement.

Stylist Appointments via Mobile and Web

AurusPay provides a secure and convenient cloud based reservations solution. Consumers can at their convenience set up appointments through their smart phone apps or through the web portal. They can look up stylists at the store, view their schedules and set up specific appointments.

Pay at Service

AurusPay's tablet solution is suited for salon and spas as well as clubs and resort locations, to checkout customers after providing them with service. It further enhances customer convenience by providing a Tablet POS solution that requires minimal staff training.

Styling Transactions

AurusPay powers POS systems across salon and spas ranging from beauty schools, cosmetology schools to salons, resort spas, hair cutting and styling salons, hair coloring, nail salon and salons specializing in manicures, pedicures.

We understand the dynamics of the salon industry, the salon consumer psyche, their visit and service purchase trends etc. AurusPay works with a beauty professional all the way in their journey from a cosmetology major to a stylist and an eventual salon owner.

Consumer Engagement

AurusPay provides out-of-the-box solutions that can transform the POS and store experience into an excellent tool for engagement, which help consumers connect with their brand immediately and develop a sense of belonging. It helps salons build mindshare with their consumers and increase their brand affinity in a competitive landscape.

Promotions and Campaigns

Our platform provides coordinated media delivery to customers across various touch points including marketing on transaction receipts, email campaigns, sms messages and more. This helps salon and spa owners differentiate from competition.

AurusPay offers features to display merchant approved advertising over a broad array to customers facing terminals with our turn-key ad serving engine solution.

Simplifying IT Operations

Proprietary or legacy POS solutions may meet business needs but present security risks with respect to breach of payment data. AurusPay's patented AurusShield technology has delivered remarkable results to hair salon chains across the globe.

Our solutions simplify business operations, reduce costs associated with in-store IT infrastructure compliance activities and enable the salons to reduce the expenses of human capital for POS related operations and PCI compliance activities.

Payment Processing Covered

AurusPay helps salon and spa chains to implement EMV and NFC standards in addition to meeting and exceeding PCI security mandates. AurusPay also supports gift schemes and loyalty and reward cards and programs.


Fuel your Business


Enabling differentiation through access to a market place of tender options and marketing campaigns backed by consumer analytics.

Introducing Mobility without POS changes

AurusPay effectively combines social and mobile commerce and opens up a new world of consumer engagement and payment processing for convenience stores. AurusPay provides Pay @ Pump and POS Payment Solutions for Fueling Centers, Gas Stations and Convenience Stores without disrupting their existing POS infrastructure.

Energizing Reward Programs and Promotions

Loyalty programs, coupons, advertising, and a lot more can be administered effectively and efficiently using the mobile platform. AurusPay offers C-Store merchants a solution framework encompassing consumer mobile apps, reward programs and self service kiosks etc. to increase customer spend and frequency and improve consumer experience.

Personalized Marketing

AurusPay provides actionable insights; that can then be used for real time cross-selling and up-selling to move traffic from in-store to at-pump and vice versa with the apt usage of geo-fencing techniques. It provides a mechanism for delivery of rewards in the form of promotions for CPG and in-store grocery purchase. It also supports distribution of digital coupons directly to customer's smart phone ( Android, iOS based etc) based on their purchase history.

Treasure Trove of Consumer Analytics

AurusPay C-Store solution framework enables convenience store chains to market effectively on the basis of consumer analytics and takes consumer relationship management to the next level. It enables consumer segmentation for marketing teams by capturing and segregating consumer data related to consumer visits, frequency, spending patterns and trends.

Framework for Pay-at-Pump

AurusPay's Pay-at-Pump solution framework enables customers to make purchases through their mobile apps, activating the fuel dispenser and even making purchases before they reach the C-Store. It provides a tremendous advantage for the gas station owners by helping them increase customer spend, customer frequency and enhancing their consumer experience.

Framework for C-Store Mobile Apps

AurusPay's mobile app framework provides support for Android and iOS devices. It supports all leading card networks and fleet cards. It supports mobile apps ability to add multiple cards to the online wallet for faster fueling and checkout.

Ease of Consumer Use and Deployment

AurusPay's C-Store mobile app framework supports a simple enrolment process with an in-app 3 step procedure to pump. This is a faster and easier payment method as compared to traditional payment methods. It also supports store locators for consumer convenience with store maps and directions. Best of all, our petro solution is designed to facilitate ease of deployment.

In Store and CPG Rewards

AurusPay facilitates the distribution of mobile and digital coupons and leverages on its' social media interface for wider distribution to promote products and associated services like carwash etc. It enables C-Store owners to influence consumer behaviuor and attract at pump consumers to make in store purchases and in-store consumers to fuel gas.

Grocery Stores

Stock-up with New Payments

Grocery Stores

Payment Flexibility

AurusPay manages a vast array of payment processor integrations providing Grocery Stores with the flexibility to accept a broad range of payment options including credit, debit, gift, e-check, e-WIC and EBT. Customers will be able to pay with any time of technology from mag stripe cards, EMV chip cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay or even a Check.

Secure POS Using AurusShield

AurusPay's patented AurusShield technology enables Grocery Stores to isolate their store POS from PCI equation and become compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI- DSS). AurusPay guards against fraud and helps protect the brand reputation of Grocery Stores and increases consumer confidence.

Simplifying Operations

AurusPay's portal empowers corporations to provide flexibility to their merchants or franchises to control loyalty and reward management set ups etc. It also provides dashboard reports to view sales and alerts by brand, locations and obtain insights from transactional data presented in an actionable format.

Ease of On-boarding and Support

Grocery Stores chains benefit from the on-boarding tools in our product suite, which are backed by our legendary support. AurusPay's 24*7*365 technical support helpdesk is adept at providing support at all stages of implementation and system operations.

Return on Investment (ROI) Ensured

Aurus Inc. realizes the need to ensure that new customer business initiatives don't result an increase in operational costs in addition to the development and infrastructure investments. Our strategic consulting, implementation services, infrastructure services and SLA based operations ensure that we aid our customer partners in business transformation initiatives while ensuring cost efficiency and a higher ROI on their investments.


Globalizing Your E-Store


Integrating e-commerce and marketing tools into a single easy to use online solution with a sophisticated fraud prevention engine.

Integrated with In-Store Enterprise

AurusPay provides an integrated e-commerce solution that effortlessly integrates all e-commerce and marketing tools into a single easy to use online solution. It supports online marketing campaigns, email marketing, SMS Campaigns, marketing on Social networks, etc. AurusPay's e-commerce channel also seamlessly integrates with in-store, mobile channels to help realize a true omni-channel. AurusPay's e-commerce framework also easily plugs in the inventory management system and order management systems.

Secure Cross-Border Commerce

AurusPay supports dynamic currency conversion aiding cross-border and global ecommerce revenues. It provides a sophisticated fraud detection and prevention engine, to effectively counter online fraud. It also provides search engine optimization in addition to supporting multiple web stores and affiliate websites etc. This helps merchants and brands launch and effectively market their e-stores in multiple countries across the world.

Promotions and Campaigns

AurusPay provides e-stores the ability to highlight and list "Special products" and store specials. AurusPay supports gift, reward and discount transactions across all payment channels and locations. It helps ensure that promotions and campaigns on the web and social media are as effective as in-store campaigns and print media campaigns, through it's available rule engine for cross-sell and up-sells.

E-Payments and Recurring Billing

AurusPay is integrated with leading shopping carts and provides other secure options to process electronic payments. The platform also supports recurring billing for the benefit of billers, payers. The platform provides a solution to help build electronic bill presentment and payment solutions, especially for companies in the services and utility sectors.

Site to Store

AurusPay supports shipping checkout options for in-store pickups. The platform also integrates with standard third party shipping systems and helps streamline the shipping process. Regular and registered consumers can opt to save their preferred shipping methods and shipping address.

Registered E-shoppers

AurusPay provides functionalities for e-store consumers to create a wish list or a registry and an e-wallet for a faster and convenient checkout.

Online Catalogs

AurusPay provides the convenience to e-stores to organize their products according to various categories and an easy to browse flow to view offers, coupons and avail them.

Shopping Cart Integrations

AurusPay is integrated with industry leading shopping carts in addition to its own PCI certified shopping cart, Auruscart. It supports all Business to Consumer or Business to Business needs.

Security and Fraud Prevention

AurusPay enables e-tailers to build or revamp online stores quickly and accept all popular payment types in a secure and compliant manner. We also offer sophisticated fraud prevention and fraud detection techniques to prevent online fraud.


Personifying Content


"The explosion of social networks has provided yet another avenue to engage consumers with customized and relevant content. Our services capabilities to provide consumer analytics coupled with its integration with social media enables a comprehensive understanding of consumers, which helps create effective marketing campaigns"

Content Distribution

With the presence of so many different types of media platforms, it is essential to have an integrated way of approaching, creating and distributing content. With our easy to use online portal, marketing campaigns can be created from one convenient location, in a way that optimally utilizes each media outlet. The portal allows merchants to distribute content across all platforms of media: in store, online, mobile and print.

Identifying Consumer Behaviour for Advertising

Advertising backed by facts derived from analytics, assures success. We enable merchants to collect consumer purchase data in a secure and organized manner. Through our online portal, merchants can then access reports made by us after analyzing that data. These reports provide in department insights about consumer purchasing patterns and behaviours, which in turn helps create effective advertising campaigns.

Social Media Integration in Content Distribution

With the increase in social media use, there is a lot of potential to effectively engage customers in a personalized way. We seamlessly integrate social media into the consumer experience enabling merchants to push messages from the store to social media platforms or vice versa. This helps to increase engagement between the brand and the consumer and allows them to interact with it, thus improving consumer experience.

Content Management for Digital Media

Aurus' content management service helps in managing unstructured data by using well-defined processes for creating, managing, delivering and archiving information. Enterprises face challenges in managing ever-increasing volumes of electronic documents, reducing paper trails, supporting and integrating different content types efficiently. This organized content coupled with the knowledge of consumer behavior helps in effectively using the information on different platforms.

Design and Development for the Media World

We understand the methods and processes involved in designing and developing apps in this industry. With the help of our experience, knowledge and cutting edge technology

Assuring Quality for Media & Advertising

Our experience working in this industry has given us an understanding of the work flow involved for the launch of a campaign and the managing of creative. With the help our understanding of media and advertising domain along with our quality assurance process, we ensure high performance software application(s) in a vertical, which relies heavily on technology for advertising delivery and analysis of its effectiveness.

Prepaid Wireless

Top Up Anywhere, Anytime

Prepaid Wireless

Providing the convenience of anytime, anywhere airtime purchase from electronic devices, with coverage across the globe.

Prepaid Wireless Platform

AurusPay enables Prepaid Wireless Service Providers and Digital Media organizations to electronically transmit their services to retail locations and consumers. AurusPay also provides retailers with an ability to sell prepaid wireless products at the Point of Sale to their consumers with coverage across the globe. It provides consumers with the convenience of anytime anywhere airtime purchase from their electronic devices. Please contact us to know more about our geographical coverage and the list of our supported prepaid wireless products.

Integrated POS Activated Solution

AurusPay provides an integrated POSA solution comprised of flexible and compact point-of-sale terminal equipment to assist retailers with implementation. AurusPay consumers can simply select a product from point-of sale and make appropriate payment to the store. After pushing a few keys related to the preferred product, the POS prints a prepaid PIN along with usage instruction on the card. A credit is instantly issued to the customer's account and within moments of purchase customers can use services.

Advance Your Brand Standing

AurusPay Prepaid Wireless is also available on a PaaS model delivering a blend of on-demand and on-premise software. Our pay-as-you-grow model has minimal upfront costs and delivers a complete POS Activated system along with our exemplary professional services and 24/7 support.

Retailers can enhance their brand by white labeling AurusPay POSA and connecting it into several aggregators on the backend. AurusPay supports majority of POS devices that provide retailer with flexibility to choose from a variety of terminal types and models to fit their business requirements.

Prepaid Wireless Aggregation

AurusPay consolidates numerous prepaid wireless products into one convenient POSA ( Point of Sale Activated) platform. Retailers and Prepaid Wireless Providers also have 24/7 online access to reports that show real-time sales activity by each of their locations and across their prepaid wireless product portfolio.

International Airtime Top Ups

An increasing immigrant population worldwide and a desire to be in continual touch with family and friends across the globe is fueling the demand for top-ups. AurusPay provides senders the convenience of being able to send the gift of airtime from their mobile phone, directly to the receiver's mobile phone. It gives the receiver the freedom to communicate without having to worry about running out of credit.

Never Run Out of Inventory

AurusPay provides retailers and convenience stores an ability to sell prepaid wireless or other prepaid services without carrying any inventory. Prepaid paper wireless cards acted as cash barriers and prohibited many convenience stores and retailers from selling prepaid wireless and associated services. AurusPay eliminates such prepaid wireless inventory costs, since products are automatically activated at POSA terminals in PIN or real-time formats and stores never run out of inventory.

Ease of Distribution

AurusPay provides retailers and convenience stores with offerings to enable them to take part in selling prepaid wireless services and expand product portfolios to include phone cards. AurusPay supports the purchase of pre-paid wireless from a variety of payment terminals and also smart phones. The platform also provides features to assist in setting up of resellers and manage resellers and commissions.


Nurturing Innovation


The sheer volume and type of data in the healthcare industry amplifies the requirement for utmost security measures to avoid breaches. We automate claims while masking these large volumes of data thereby reducing the potential for breaches."

Real Time Claims Processing

Real-time claims processing is designed to streamline the revenue cycle for the provider and turn the health care encounter into a more customer-friendly transaction for the patient. We provide an integrated IT / BPO service for claims management through which we develop and manage the claims technology platform.

Supply Chain Management in Hospitals

The supply chain process is an essential link for all programs and services offered by a hospital, and hence any improvement in managing the supply chain can positively impact the bottom line profitability of any hospital's operations. Our healthcare services flow enables hospitals to manage their inventory by calculating exact requirements thereby reducing costs and over stocking.

Data Security and Compliance

Managing information security is one of the most challenging and important issues facing hospitals and other healthcare organizations today. The advent of electronic health records has greatly benefited the healthcare industry, however, like any other digital medium, the move to a networked database has resulted in massive security concerns as healthcare administrators struggle to protect sensitive patient data. Our service in this industry provides data security and Hippa compliance.

Claims Processing and Management

Automation of health insurance claims processing is the key to improving turnaround time and claims. Our service can help reduce administrative costs and improve accuracy in claims processing.

We offer Healthcare services such as health insurance claims processing and health plan administrative infrastructure management. We target and manage core processing cost drivers and generate significant financial improvements for the overall plan performance. Using a variety of health insurance claims processing services, we help manage claims efficiently. We provide an integrated Technology and Process Outsourcing service for claims management through which we develop and manage claims technology platform. Aurus leverages technology to manage health insurance claims processing. Our services help achieve uniformity, integrity and can significantly reduce system maintenance costs. We can enhance system capabilities to meet the latest policy / legislative regulations, increase systemic capability to handle more system lines and apply uniform code-sets across multiple systems.

Our experience in aligning technology investments to support the desired claim management capabilities for global clients helps us analyze business and system complexities and enables us to meet client's goals and objectives.

Practice Management

Our Practice Contract and Revenue Management service measures compliance of actual payments received against contractual obligations with third-party payers (PBMs). This service verifies third-party claim reimbursements, highlights short/over payments and provides analytical insights on plan profitability or utilization.

We have extensive experience in Pharmacy Workflow Management and equipped with our strong understanding of business processes and technology architecture we provide help by developing or enhancing workflows at different pharmacy locations.

Healthcare Data Warehousing and Analysis

Aurus offers Healthcare data warehouse services that enable merchants to use data warehousing as a strategic tool to win new customers. It also helps develop new products and reduce healthcare costs. This information holds the key to increased market share, customer retention and operational efficiency.

The benefits of this service is the ease of adding new data sources to the existing integrated health data organization efficiently, improvement of quality and integrity of records, making the information tool more powerful and meaningful and realization of the goal of having the right information across the organization.

Health Care Settlement Systems

Aurus has deep experience in standardizing information that is transmitted in the health care industry. This is particularly important since so many health care providers use their own software systems for practice management and billing, in different states with different insurance regulations, interfacing with different insurance entities, each with its own methods and processes, creating a large opportunity for miscommunication. Aurus has expertise in designing and developing healthcare clearinghouse systems that standardizes all this information.

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